We’re Different

We’re a Super Hybrid

We love design. We love data. We love marketing and information systems. And while these disciplines seem unrelated, they are more related than ever, because the Internet, with its websites, apps and social media, is the dominant medium for marketing and information systems.

At SpectraWorx, we harness the interconnectivity of creative design and information technology, equally embracing both form and function, to produce the best possible websites, information systems and marketing programs. Agencies not following this approach are far from "best practices" and cause loss-of-business for the companies they serve; poor design and engineering always translate into costly rework. That doesn't happen here at SpectraWorx, quite the opposite.

SpectraWorx customers yield, on average, a 35% higher ROI for their website, marketing and software development projects. Being a super hybrid is something. Adding real value to our customers is something more; it's what separates SpectraWorx from countless companies in our field. No other company is wired like SpectraWorx, nor performs.